5 Workshops That Will Help You Get More Business

Ever wonder what were the key objectives you or your company needed to improve on, in order to get more business?  Well,  if you would like to know, I have all the answers. There are 5 Workshops that I have formulated and all can help you get more business, and stop losing customers!

Operations are everything in a business. If there is a fluke in the way your company runs,  then its safe to say, you’re company is in jeopardy of losing, the much needed business, you have worked so hard to obtain.

I’ve seen the same thing happened to businesses time and time again. They loss customers,  because of poor productivity in the work place. When there is not a solid business-plan set in place, poor structure leads to confusion!

Look at the scenario below and ask yourself what would you do if:

         Kim has been the marketing sales manager for over a year. Her sales reports show an increase in sales.

There are a few of the reps repeatedly complaining about Kim’s management style. 

She tends to get very involved with their techniques, calls them out when she thinks they are making a mistake, and doesn’t take criticism herself very well.

One of the top producing reps complains more than the others, and he is threatening to quit.

What do you do?


If you’re a corporation, ask yourself,  is management clear on what jobs need to be done, and who to execute them too?

If you have a small business, are you following the proper outline for an organized work flow?

If you don’t have an answer to these questions. Then don’t waste any more time losing valuable customers and revenue.

It’s a must, that these important factors are mastered in every successful business. If you are not practicing, I’m sorry to say, well, you’re in trouble!

Join me, as I uncover a five-part workshop that will get your business back on task,  and ready top retain and receive More business!

  • Leadership
  • Productivity
  • Communication
  • Time Management
  • Networking.

Find out the important key to each of these areas, and how they can damage your business if they are not executed properly.


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Work, Life Balance


Today on the Business Plug Podcast

Today’s is Episode #14

WORK, Life, Balance:     How to manage them both!

Hey guys, I hope your day is off to a wonderful start. I want you to face the world today, focused, strong and ready.

My motivational quote for today is from: Eric Thomas- Motivational Speaker.  “When you want to succeed as bad as you breath, then you will be successful!” 

Very powerful, and I hope you take the time to meditate on this today.

Now lets get right into today topic and that is Work -Life Balance. How can you prioritize work ( your career and ambitions) verses your lifestyle (your family, health, pleasure). How can we succeed at both, which for most of us are very important.

I cant speak for all, however my perception of the subject, balancing both work and life play top priority in my view of success! Personally being able to succeed in my career and maintain my lifestyle, having either of the two intervene with the other, is my idea of succeeding.  Some may say how is this possible?

We’ll the light to the end of this tunnel may not be in sight, but with planning and preparations, this can be achieved. 

Well what is it going to take?

How many of you miss sharing moments with your spouse or children, because you find yourself, working endless hours in the workplace. I have a few tips to help you organize your work/ life situations to help you achieve the perfect balance.

Let’s start by nurturing yourself. You need the energy!

If you are unhealthy, there’s no possible way you will have the stamina, mentally or physically to deal with a day’s work, and come home and face your responsibility to your family.  Make sure you are getting the proper diet and rest.

You will feel much better and energized…..the two key factors to make the balance work.

Go at your day with a positive, mental, attitude, and know how to expect the unexpected. How many of you have let a stressful situation at work, come home with you, or have taking a stressful situation with you from home, to the workplace.

Leave that stress at the door!  Enter both home and work, with a open, positive mind.

Take 10 minutes of your time to de-stress yourself, before starting your work day, and evening with the family. For those who work at home, organization, and scheduling is Key! Make sure you are not intertwining your work time, with family time.

It’s important when we work at home that you keep a schedule just as you are leaving your home to commute to work. When your work day is done, its done!

I have one last tip for you today, lets look at how your living! I know most of us in the United States feel, we are worked, worked, worked. Take  time research other cites and countries and study their way of life.

Some of them have actually figured it out. When you see that it can be done.  Then it wont seem so hard to accomplish.

Think about your life, and where you want to be and how your gonna get there!

Check out how they live in New Zealand  compliments of CNN.

Motivational Speech For Success The Business Plug Podcast

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Uplifting Words for Opportunity Seekers

There is nothing better I can think to offer you, but my expertise of the business world and motivational coaching so that you acquire the confidence to know that you can achieve everything and anything your going after.

Once you know this, you have possibility within your grasp. When you have a hold of possibilities, you have the keys to open doors that can lead to opportunity.

Making money online is not easy, let me tell you! There are many people, products and services to help you, like the report I composed The Simple System. However, this is just the formula. It is going to take hard work and dedication from you to complete the equation and end with the  answer.

The answer is Success!

I confess I have been holding off going after this passion of mine for years, until one day I woke up and decided to work just as hard at my passion, as I did for my employer, my family, and other things. I’m not saying to neglect any of those things, by no means. But when you start working hard at what you want, it will start paying off for you. You have to believe it can.

Technology is so vast, now days, you have apps and gadgets at your figure tips. You have to learn how to use these tools to your benefit. You must be crafty, and conscious of what you are trying to leave with your followers.  You want them to trust that you have their best interest in mind.

Getting up close and personal is one of the key elements to building a relationship with your followers, and what better way to do this than composing video content. That is why I started my YouTube channel Dainty MōdəˈvāSHen, (you like my title?). This is the door to my New Vlog Series: This Side of Business. 

This is both a motivational Vlog and online businesse educational piece. The first premier Vlog is going to touch on Ability, and Becoming a Partner on YouTube.

So join me as we go through this journey together. Don’t forget to Subscribe and Share!

Edwina Tillmon

So Who Really Rules The Internet?

So Who Really Runs The Internet

So who are they you might say? They are the

“in crowd” of today.  They are technology savvy, and their all over what’s new and hip to the world wide web. Did you guess yet? Millennials! They we’re born between “1980 & 2000”. So with that being they are today’s market.

These young adult’s know what they want out of life. They are optimistic, hopeful and confident about the future! They thrive off of what they can see, hear, and touch. They are very active in their communities.

But when it comes to their careers however, something’s different. They are interested in companies with a Urban feel about them, and that are confident in thriving on the business scene.

When it comes to social media, well that’s their field of expertise! They lurk at what’s most trending online today. To my fellow online marketers, these are some of the things that are to be considered when you are searching for your potential audience. Research and provide what your audience needs and wants, than go where they hang out to reach them. It’s that simple! No offense Millennials, but you are the future if today.  You Rock!

The Simple System

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The Simple System

Hi! I liked to share with you today a strategy so simple. You can start making money, online, in no time! All you have to do is follow this 5 simple step system. I’m excited to disclose this information to you. The information detailed within this report, provide you with the steps necessary for a successful sale online!

One thing I want you to keep in mind is that there are so many Make Money Now scams, that you can get caught up in a never ending loop of crap!  This system is not complicated, think SIMPLE! Don’t let your dream of earning an income through the internet, become drowned in the sea of overwhelming information.

That’s why in this report you will learn 5 important steps you can follow to start earning income online in no time.  This structure has been tested and proven results!

“The Simple System”,  will be available to you soon, keep watch for details!