Setting Smart Goals

Where do we began, and how do we set goals? I’ve done a little research and I think this method will help you set realistic goals that will be suitable both in your private and your professional life.

When you are setting a goal for yourself, there are couple things you want to think about, if this goal is obatinable, and how you are going to acheive the goal. How attractive is this goal to you,  and have you accepted  the commiment to follow through with the goal.

Asking yourself these questions is the smart way to set any goals you have.

Be clear what your goal consist of….start by writng your goals down. When wriiting use words, such as increase, and develope.  Dont set to many goals for yourself, this maybe too complicated to keep focus. 

Making sure your goals are attractive to you, will make it fun and make you more urgent in reaching them.

Think about your ambitions, think about your dreams, but whats most important is that you set goals that you really want to achieve.

You should feel that your goal is reasonable to acheive based on your indivdual resources, such as time, money, health,  and support. Just be aware of unreasonable goals that are difficult to reach.The steps will be to big, and will lead you into frustration.

Make sure you have a clear deadline for your goal and it if its more than one goal, make sure you have each one prioritzed. When you have accepted the responsiblity to yourself and your goal, make sure that you have gone over all of the formula,you have set in place to see you goal from start to finish!

By keeping consistant with these goal setting skills, you will continue to set goals with a high probability of achieving them and thats exactly what you need to have success!

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So Who Really Rules The Internet?

So Who Really Runs The Internet

So who are they you might say? They are the

“in crowd” of today.  They are technology savvy, and their all over what’s new and hip to the world wide web. Did you guess yet? Millennials! They we’re born between “1980 & 2000”. So with that being they are today’s market.

These young adult’s know what they want out of life. They are optimistic, hopeful and confident about the future! They thrive off of what they can see, hear, and touch. They are very active in their communities.

But when it comes to their careers however, something’s different. They are interested in companies with a Urban feel about them, and that are confident in thriving on the business scene.

When it comes to social media, well that’s their field of expertise! They lurk at what’s most trending online today. To my fellow online marketers, these are some of the things that are to be considered when you are searching for your potential audience. Research and provide what your audience needs and wants, than go where they hang out to reach them. It’s that simple! No offense Millennials, but you are the future if today.  You Rock!

The Simple System

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The Simple System

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