Next-Level Management: Where It Can Take Your Business

(Excerpt to Owners and Management)Listen to “Episode 15: Owners & Management” on Spreaker.

Owners and Management, the two key roles that can make or break your business. Why do I say make or break?

When you started your business, you had a view of where you wanted your business to go.You, being the decision maker……made decisions that you felt would lead your company or business venture to successful profits.

So you grew.

Adding your staff, and the one source behind your staff, you had to appoint, management.

Now  you had someone who could, create corporate policy, organize, and plan. But, you as owner, the head honcho in charge,  decides still to dictate how everything is done around them.  

Not speaking to everyone, not saying that every business owner feels this way.But, if you sit back and think over how your running things, and if you so happen to be doing your own thing, instead of letting your management do the same.

You the owner,  who has this type of  mind frame,  that management is just the person or persons controlling a few task, and people.

This lesson is definitely for you.

Well, management is far more than that..see… management directs the future course of your business enterprise!For small business or corporations in this day in age, to  attract, keep and grow substantially.  

You the owner, needs to step aside.

Your  business is your everything….it is,   but you as owner has the responsibly to  appoint a team of management that will take your business to the next-level.

Those who think constant intervention as beneficial or even necessary are only hindering the success of your managers.

Only when the board and the management coexist together in a harmonious manner can there be true progress for the organization.

For this to happen, there must be a provision for having independent directors and those directors that are not affiliated to the management.

See the world’s best managers, are focused on extraordinarily well! They are provide strong incentives, their free  from distractions,

and given  all the help they can use. Owners let them do what they can do.Run your company, but think next-level.

So those managers out there, with ideas and the abilty to shine, that have been held down by the control freak.

Its time to speak up.

But do you have what it takes to be next – level managemnt.  For those managers who are already there. You  have worked with the customers, vendors, advisors, consultants and others in the market.This happens because the board has a top view of the organization, and the management has a deeper insight.

Owners this you aspire to work with. They know how to train, develop and manage the people in your organization to move it to the next level.

CEO, when you learn the transfer of power is a more valuable formula, then your managment can become involved in projections of future success of your business .

You Have The Ability

Listen to “Episode 1: Ability- Self Help Podcast From Business Coach Edwina Tillmon” on Spreaker.

I want you to know one thing today (and everyday).  While you sitting there having your cup of coffee. Because I enjoy mine every morning! Remember this one thing.  You have the choice today to do anything and to be anything you set your heart out to be. You can change any part of your life for the better, and live up to your full potential.

Wherever you are at..whether it’s lying in bed..riding in your car (if you’re listening to the audio…).or at your desk..Put a smile on your face and know that you have the Ability today to accomplish everything that you set out to accomplish. You have extraordinary talents , skills and abilities.  Discover, Develop, and Refine them today.  

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at times, this can hinder your ability to be productive. Here are a few things to monitor, if you feel there are barriers to you succeeding.

  • Exercise: You’ve probably heard a thousand times that you need to exercise, but here’s one more reason: It also offers protective benefits to your mental health.
  • Social Activities: Getting involved in your community can help you feel more connected, and some people find that altruistic behavior makes it easier to deal with the challenges of everyday life.
  • Healthy Sleep: If you’ve ever found yourself on the verge of tears as you struggle to get out of bed after a long night, then you know that your sleep habits affect the way you feel.

These are just a a few subjects that could have an effect on your ability to function on a day to day basis.  Take the time out to review your lifestyle, and where you can make beneficial changes.

When you recognize your ability, you can began to move mountains! Persistence can overcome almost any challenge. When you put your mind to something and are willing to do everything it takes, including patience, putting in time and adjusting your strategy to get there — you’ll ultimately know the omnipotence of determination. You will have the Ability to succeed!

Today is Good!